Massive Sea Data 

for reseachers, autorities and environmental organizations

A cloud-based analytics platform capable of real-time monitoring and instantaneous prediction of contamination sources using a combination of dynamical modeling, statistical analysis and machine learning approaches that integrate the big data and analytics.

Accelerated analytics cloud platform allows researchers, end-users, authorities to interactively query, visualize and make critical decisions about water quality, synergy and biocenosis of marine ecosystems and relate localised incidents or permanent threats with degradation of underwater ecosystems of the closest shoreline.

It operates with indicators such as weather conditions, oceanographic and environmental data: temperature, salinity, turbidity which is collected in real time from satellites and other open web databases. 

Monitoring of biodiversity

Monitoring of biodiversity

Multilayer mapping of large areas of near shore sea floor using numerous heterogeneous sources of information

Regeneration of biodiversity

Regeneration of biodiversity

Providing solutions for regeneration and regrowth of underwater biodiversity with specially designed materials

With the climate change there are a lot of changes in the surrounding environment. DeepSea Numerical aims to record these changes in a database reflecting these annual and monthly differences in layers of historical data ready for analysis by researchers worldwide.


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